New Titles

New Fiction in the Library

Title Call #
Age of miracles : a novelF WAL
Age of reinventionF TUI
All our namesF MEN
All that is : a novelF SAL
American dervish : a novelF AKH
AmherstF NIC
And the mountains echoedF HOS
Andrews brain : a novelF DOC
Apartment : a novelF BAX
ArsonistF MIL
Astonish meF SHI
Avenue of mysteriesF IRV
Back to blood : a novelF WOL
Bartenders taleF DOI
Bazaar of bad dreamsF KIN
Beautiful youF PAL
Beginners goodbye : a novelF TYL
BenedictionF HAR
Big brother : a novelF SHR
Bitter seasonF HOA
Blackhouse : a novelF MAY
Bleeding edgeF PYN
Blue guitarF BAN
Bone clocks : a novelF MIT
Boston girl : a novelF DIA
Bradstreet Gate : a novelF KIR
Bridget Jones : mad about the boyF FIE
Bring up the bodies : a novelF MAN
Broken HarborF FRE
Burgess boys : a novelF STR
Burial rites : a novelF KEN
Buried giant : [a novel]F ISH
By bloodF ULL
Canada : [a novel]F FOR
Care and management of lies : a novel of the Great WarF WIN
Care of wooden floors : a novelF WIL
Career of evilF GAL
Cartographer of no mans landF DUF
Casebook : a novelF SIM
Casual vacancyF ROW
Cat out of hellF TRU
Cats tableF OND
Chemistry of tearsF CAR
Childhood of JesusF COE
Children act : a novelF MCE
Childrens crusade : a novelF PAC
Chop chopF WRO
Circle : a novelF EGG
Circle of wivesF LAP
Circling the sun : a novelF MCL
Citizens creekF TAD
City on fireF HAL
Close your eyes, hold hands : a novelF BOH
Colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage : a novelF MUR
Constellation of vital phenomena : a novelF MAR
Consumed : a novelF CRO
Cuckoos CallingF GAL
Dear life : storiesF MUN
Death on Blackheath : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novelF PER
Debbie doesnt do it anymore : a novelF MOS
DecodedF MAI
Defending Jacob : a novelF LAN
Delicate truthF LE
Did you ever have a familyF CLE
Dirty loveF DUB
Doctor Sleep : a novelF KIN
DogF O'N
Dog starsF HEL
Dogs of Littlefield : a novelF BER
Double feature : a novelF KIN
Dragonfish : a novelF TRA
Dry bones in the valley : a novelF BOU
Early warningF SMI
Edge of eternityF FOL
Enchantments : a novelF HAR
English girl : a novelF SIL
Epitaph : a novel of the O.K. CorralF RUS
Everything I never told youF NG
Evil eye : four novellas of love gone wrongF OAT
Execution of Noa P. Singleton : a novelF SIL
Fall of giants : book one of the century trilogyF FOL
Fallen land : a novelF BRO
Family life : a novelF SHA
Fates and furiesF GRO
Festival of insignificance : a novelF KUN
FeverF KEA
Fifth gospel : a novelF CAL
Finders keepers : a novelF KIN
First bad man : a novelF JUL
Flat water TuesdayF IRW
Flight behavior : a novelF KIN
Flight of Gemma Hardy : a novelF LIV
Flood of fireF GHO
Flying shoes : a novelF HOW
Frog : a novelF MO
Frog music : a novelF DON
From the memoirs of a non-enemy combatantF GIL
Funny girlF HOR
Gap of time : the Winters tale retoldF WIN
Ghana must goF SEL
Ghostman : [a novel]F HOB
Girl next door : a novelF REN
Girl on the trainF HAW
Girl who fell from the sky : a novelF DUR
Girl who slept with GodF BRE
GirlchildF HAS
Girls from Corona del MarF THO
Go set a watchman : a novelF LEE
God help the childF MOR
God in ruins : a novelF ATK
Golden ageF SMI
GoldfinchF TAR
Golem and the jinni : a novelF WEC
Good lord birdF MCB
Green roadF ENR
Guest room : a novelF BOH
Harder they come : a novelF BOY
Headmasters wager : a novelF LAM
Heart goes last : a novelF ATW
History of a pleasure seeker : a novelF MAS
How to get filthy rich in rising AsiaF HAM
Humanity projectF THO
I am Pilgrim : a thrillerF HAY
IdenticalF TUR
Impossible lives of Greta WellsF GRE
Improbability of loveF ROT
In one person : a novelF IRV
In paradise : a novelF MAT
In the shadow of the banyanF RAT
In the unlikely eventF BLU
In this way I was savedF DEL
InfatuationsF MAR
Inferno : a novelF BRO
Inquisitor : a novelF SMI
Insane city : [a novel]F BAR
Inside the OBriens : a novelF GEN
Instructions for a heatwaveF O'F
InterestingsF WOL
Interns handbook : a thrillerF KUH
Invention of wingsF KID
Istanbul passage : a novelF KAN
Jeeves and the wedding bells : an homage to P.G. WodehouseF FAU
Just one evil actF GEO
Kept : a novelF SCO
Land of decoration : a novelF MCC
Last bookaneerF PEA
Last bus to wisdomF DOI
Last enchantmentsF FIN
Laughing monstersF JOH
Legend of BrokenF CAR
Let me be Frank with youF FOR
Letters from Skye : a novelF BRO
Life after life : a novelF ATK
Lifeboat : a novelF ROG
Light between oceans : a novelF STE
Like familyF GIO
Lionel Asbo : state of EnglandF AMI
Lisettes list : a novelF VRE
Liseys story : a novelF KIN
Little Paris bookshop : a novelF GEO
Little green : an Easy Rawlins mysteryF MOS
Live by nightF LEH
Long man : a novelF GRE
Lookaway, lookawayF BAR
Love may fail : a novelF QUI
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 : a novelF PRO
Lower riverF THE
Lowland : a novelF LAH
Lucky us : a novelF BLO
Luminaries : a novelF CAT
Maddaddam : a novelF ATW
Magic strings of Frankie PrestoF ALB
Make something up : stories you cant unreadF PAL
Map of betrayalJIN
Mare : a novelF GAI
Marriage of opposites : a novel based on the life of Rachel PizzarroF HOF
Marriage plot : a novelF EUG
Me and the devil : a novelF TOS
Mermaids in paradise : a novelF MIL
MirageF RUF
Mission to Paris : a novelF FUR
Moriarty : a novelF HOR
Mothers : a novelF GIL
Mouse-proof kitchen : a novelF SHA
Mr. Mercedes : a novelF KIN
Mr. Penumbras 24-hour bookstoreF SLO
Museum of Extraordinary Things : a novelF HOF
My name is Lucy Barton : a novelF STR
My sunshine away : a novelF WAL
NOS4A2 : a novelF HIL
Natchez burning : a novelF ILE
Night Film : a novelF PES
Night guestF MCF
NightingaleF HAN
No less than victory : a novel of World War IIF SHA
No one is here except all of usF AUS
No time like the presentF GOR
Nora Webster : a novelF TOI
Ocean at the end of the laneF GAI
Odds : [a love story]F O'N
On such a full seaF LEE
One Plus One : a NovelF MOY
Orchardist : a novelF COP
OrendaF BOY
Orfeo : a novelF POW
Orphan masters son : a novelF JOH
Our Lady of Alice BhattiF HAN
Our souls at nightF HAR
Painter : a novelF HEL
Pale king : an unfinished novelF WAL
Paris architect : a novelF BEL
Paris winterF ROB
Paying guestsF WAT
PerfidiaF ELL
PhantomF NES
Possible life : a novel in five partsF PAU
Prague cemeteryF ECO
Pure gold babyF DRA
PurityF FRA
RacketeerF GRI
Radiance of tomorrowF BEA
Raised from the groundF SAR
Red house : a novelF HAD
RedeploymentF KLA
Relic master : a novelF BUC
Reunion of ghosts : a novelF MIT
Revival : a novelF KIN
RiversF SMI
Rogue lawyerF GRI
Rose Gold : an Easy Rawlins mysteryF MOS
Rosie project : [a novel]F SIM
Round houseF ERD
Running the rift : a novelF BEN
Rustication : a novelF PAL
San MiguelF BOY
Secret chordF BRO
Secret place : [a novel]F FRE
Secret wisdom of the earthF SCO
See now thenF KIN
Seveneves : [a novel]F STE
Shanghai girls : a novelF SEE
Shine shine shineF NET
Shotgun lovesongsF BUT
Shovel ready : a novelF STE
Signature of all thingsF GIL
Sisterland : a novelF SIT
Skylight confessions : a novelF HOF
Slade house : a novelF MIT
Snow child : a novelF IVE
Snow huntersF YOO
Snow queenF CUN
SnowmanF NES
Solo : a James Bond novelF BOY
Some kind of fairy tale : a novelF JOY
Some luckF SMI
SomeoneF MCD
Song of AchillesF MIL
Southern cross the dog : a novelF CHE
Spool of blue thread : a novelF TYL
Starboard seaF DER
Still life with bread crumbs : a novelF QUI
Summer house with swimming pool : a novelF KOC
Sweet caress : the many lives of Amory ClayF BOY
Sweetland : a novelF CRU
Sycamore rowF GRI
Tale for the time beingF OZE
Tale for the time beingF OZE
Telegraph Avenue : a novelF CHA
Testament of MaryF TOI
ThiefF NAK
This dark road to mercyF CAS
This is how you lose herF DIA
This is your life, Harriet Chance! : a novelF EVI
Tobys room : a novelF BAR
Too bright to hear too loud to seeF GAR
TransAtlantic : a novelF MCC
Truth and other lies : a novelF ARA
Twain & Stanley enter paradiseF HIJ
Twelve : a novelF CRO
UmbrellaF SEL
Under the wide and starry sky : a novelF HOR
Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry : a novelF JOY
Unquiet deadF KHA
Valley of AmazementF TAN
Vampires in the lemon grove : storiesF RUS
Vanessa and her sisterF PAR
Vanishing gamesF HOB
Visitation street : a novelF POC
Waiting for sunrise : a novelF BOY
Want notF MIL
Water knife : a novelF BAC
We are all completely beside ourselvesF FOW
We are called to riseMCB
We are not ourselvesF THO
We are water : a novelF LAM
Week in winterF BIN
West of sunset : a novelF O'N
What we talk about when we talk about Anne FrankF ENG
When breath becomes airF YAP
Where my heart used to beat : a novelF FAU
Where they found herF MCC
Wild swan : and other talesF CUN
Window opens : a novelF EGA
Winter of the worldF FOL
Wish you were hereF SWI
Wives of Los Alamos : a novelF NES
Wolf winter : a novelF EKB
Woman upstairs : a novelF MES
World gone byF LEH
Yellow birds : a novelF POW
Yesterdays weatherF ENR
Your heart is a muscle the size of a fist : a novelF YAP
Zone of interest : a novelF AMI